Norway (Kristiansand)
Peder Juel Carlsen



Denne bildekrusellen krever javaskript.

Norway is where I live. I live in one of the moste beautiful countrys in the world in my opinion.
I live in a city named Kristiansand.

In Norway we have a Queen and a King but none of them have any type of power. because we are a democratic land land with a leader selected by the people and we count have just one person som styrer alene vi har ett helt Parliament that listen to us.

We also have the best statistics of how many prisoner thats come back to the prisons after been there. And that is despite the beautiful prisons we have in Norway just search on this link:

this is actually because of rehabilitation. And the maximum years you can stay in Norwegian prisons is 21 years plus custody

custody means that after your years are done, Many people get together and discuss wit each other to find out if it is responsible to let the person out